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The company Mecalynox since its creation is in the constant search for optimum quality.
This involves a perfect material traceability and mastered processes. This is possible thanks to the implementation of procedures adapted to our products and the requirements of our customers. We work according to the EPED (European Pressure Equipment Directive) to all our pressure vessels. In the specific scope of our business quality is of course inseparable from welding procedures and qualified welders. (Qualification awarded by independent group)

To meet and validate the quality process of our products, we have a way to control all adapted to our needs. All of our means of dimensional measurement are calibrated by accredited laboratories or at minimum Cofrac attached.
We also provide penetrant inspection for our welds internally with a certified person CORENDII sweating. We also have the means to carry out sealing tests by varying pressure or tracer gas (helium - Tester UL 1000) always with COFRENDII staff. We also perform tests of mechanical strength and sealing pressure. We have a range of pressure measurement devices that can mount up to 500 bar and corresponding calibrated gauges.

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