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Innovation and vision to the future is an essential part of our business. Indeed, 20% of our employees are focused on the future of Mécalynox.
Mécalynox turned to youth: we believe that we must help the new generation so that they can one day take over. We are in partnership with several schools and continually train two apprentices. Mécalynox does not want to stop there and is in contact transformation phase to be and remain concurentiel in the local, national and internatonal market while keeping its work policy 100% French, combining technical and quality..

We have our own design office working every day to improve the performance, product quality, design and optimize material consomation.

To determine the different product characteristics (thickness, size, shape, etc ...) Mécalynox pushed performs calculations that between-other calculations on finite elements. To determine all these data we use powerful software such as SICAPNet, SolidWorks, Excel, etc ... We are also interested in the reaction of the material during the transformation for maximum reliability guarantee. Example below by modeling a welding where we can observe the evolution of the material during the temperature variations.

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